Books My Son Read in 1st Grade

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My son started 1st grade with easy readers that are in the section Beginning Readers. Check there first if your child is not ready for these books. If you are looking for more titles, check out the books my daughter read in 1st grade and the list Other Books for First Graders

To make it easier for my friends to look for books my son really LOVED, I added a heart () before the title for books that were a hit and two hearts if it was a big hit (meaning my son asking impatiently if I have more books from the series). That does not mean he did not like the books without a heart. A lot of them were nice and he enjoyed them too. But they were not the kind he would be asking for and read voluntarily several titles in a row (many times in one night).

Bed, Bats, & Beyond
bed bats and beyond

The Heart of Cool
the heart of cool

Boo’s Dinosaur
boos dinosaur

Young Cam Jansen Mysteries For a complete list of books in this series, click here. He has read several mysteries.
young cam jansen

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever
a couple of boys have the ebst week ever

The Adventures of Captain Underpants To see the other titles in this series, click here. He LOVED the first book but found the other books in this series boring.
the adventures of captain underpants

That One Spooky Night (comics)
that one spooky night

Fat Bat and Swoop
fat bat and swoop

Let’s Do Nothing! Read more reviews here. (a nice picture book)
lets do nothing

Dodsworth in New York To see other books in this series on Amazon click here. For a complete list of books (their ratings and reviews too) in this series click here. (My son has read three–very easy reads)
dodsworth in new york

Monkey & Robot and More of Monkey & Robot
more of monkey and robot

Moose’s Big Idea For other titles in Moose and Hildy series click here. He has read a few already.
mooses big idea

The Miniature World of Marvin & James
the miniature world of marvin and james

Nate the Great For a complete list of books in this series click here. A very easy read, we are getting more books from this series.
nate the great

Bunnicula and Friends For a complete list of books (their ratings and reviews) in this series click here. He liked it and we are getting more.
bunnicula and friends

♥♥ Commander Toad in Space See a list of books in this series here. He was very excited about this book and I was not allowed to return it to the library after he read it. I just requested all the other books in this series.
commander toad in space

Dinosaur Cove My kids like to read all series in the order so here is the list. My son read about 9 so far.
dinosaur cove

Dory Fantasmagory Read more reviews here. My son said this one was funny. Although it looked much thicker than the other books he read this book in one sitting.
dory fantasmagory

The Littles For a complete list of titles in this series click here. He read a few because he is very much into little people.
the littles

Bink and Gollie To see all three books in this series click here. He read all of them I think.
bink and gollie

Magic Tree House You can see all the books in order here. He read some.
magic tree house

♥♥ Monstrous Stories #1: Night of the Zombie Goldfish For a list of books in this series click here. Another hit with my son. He read three in a row in one night!
monstrous stories

The Wump World This is actually a long picture book. I thought it was a nice change from the regular series for this age category.
the wump world

Andy Shane For more ratings, reviews and a complete list of books in this series click here. He read some.
andy shane

Rosco Riley Rules  Click here for a complete list of titles in this series. He read all of them.
roscoe riley rules

Mercy Watson For a list of books in this series click here. He read all of them.
mercy watson goes

The Trouble with Chickens My son said he enjoyed this book but I am a bit suspicious if he actually understood everything because he just started reading the other book in this J.J. Tully Mystery series (click here for the list) and he put it down because he did not comprehend well.
the trouble with chickens

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure
the chicken squad

The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

The following three books are short and a quick read.

The Cat Who Got Carried Away (he also read The Children Who Smelled a Rat but he did not like it)
the cat who got carried away

The Woman Who Won Things
the woman who won things

Man Who Wore All His Clothes
the man who wore all his clothes

The Dragon with Red Eyes I got him this one because I knew it is a short book by Astrid Lindgren. My son liked it okay. He said it was a bit sad because the dragon flew away at the end.
the dragon with red eyes

Gus & Gertie and the The Missing Pearl See more ratings and reviews here.
gus and gertie and missing pearl

Gus & Gertie and The Lucky Charms See more ratings and reviews here.
gus and gertie and lucky charms

Oliver Moon For a list of books in this series click here. He read three or four and he enjoyed them. Update: He lost interest in this series and said they are getting boring–nothing happening, no action.
Oliver Moon

♥♥ The Big Big Big Book of Tashi For a complete list of books in Tashi series click here. This is a FIND! Don’t miss this book especially if you have a little boy! I’ve read about girls being excited about it too! My son has about 15 books to choose from on the shelf to read and did not hesitate a second when I asked him to pick one. This looks like a very thick book for older kids but don’t let it fool you. Each page has a big picture and only a few sentences. There is a picture of a map at the beginning of the book and my son constantly follows Tashi’s journey there (Dragon’s Cave, Giant’s castle, Mountain of White Tigers etc.). He read 60 pages yesterday so as you can see the thickness of the book is not so bad. This is a big hit at home now, not to mention that my son was proudly showing to my husband that he is reading a VERY thick book like his older sister does. 🙂 Note: You don’t have to get the thick book if it is daunting for your child. The stories about Tashi’s adventures are available in separate books. I just chose one that contained more stories together. I also discovered a website about Tashi books.
the big big big book of tashi

The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi As you can imagine my son fell in love with Tashi and refuses to read anything else until he has read all his adventures. You can either look for a boxed set or buy (or borrow from the library as we did) this book that contains 32 adventures. I just ordered this book for my son for Christmas because it looks like he will reread this one. He just asked if there is an audiobook about Tashi.
the great enourmous big Tashi

Snake and Lizard
snake and lizard

The Secret of Foghorn Island Check below for other titles in this series.
the secret of foghorn island

Otto & Uncle Tooth Adventures  (This book contains The Secret of Foghorn Island, The Treasure of the Lost Lagoon, and The Curse of the Cobweb Queen)
otto and uncle tooth

The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost
the mystery of the pirate ghost

Snarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life For other books in The Riot Brothers Series click here.
snarf attack

Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny He was really disappointed when I told him that a sequel is coming out in October 2015, still more than a half a year away.
tales of bunjitsu bunny

Hubert’s Hair-Raising Adventure is a longer picture book.
huberts hair raising adventure

Bad Kitty To see more books with Bad Kitty on Amazon click here. Check the ratings, reviews, and a complete list of books in this series here. I got more books from this series because he liked it.
bad kitty

Gabby and Gator
gabby and the gator

The Christmas Crocodile Check out more reviews here.
the christmas crocodile

The Book of Beasts
the book of beasts

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories (I Can Read! Reading 2)
in a dark dark room

Digby O’Day in the Fast Lane

The Stories Julian Tells For a list of books in the Julian series click here.
the stories Julian Tells

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story
not norman

Bird & Squirrel on the Run Click here for a sequel.
bird and squirrle on the run

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot To see a complete list of titles in this series click here. My son LOVED it and asked for the rest of the books in this series.
ricky riccotas robot

Kidnapped At Birth? Other titles (and their ratings and reviews) in the Marvin Redpost series can be found here.
kidnapped at birth

♥♥ Dragon Masters An easy chapter book (2 books so far, the third coming out in Feb 2015). To see a list, click here. He liked it a lot and is asking for the sequel. As of now, one book that is on the cover of the first is missing from the goodreads list. It is supposed to come out in July 2015. It is called Power of the Fire Dragon.
dragon masters

♥♥ The Curse of Snake Island  For a complete list (and reviews) of titles in the Pirate School series click here. My son read the first one so far and is asking for more.
the curse of snake island

♥♥ Kung Pow Chicken #1: Let’s Get Cracking! For a list of books in this series click here. He loved it.
kung pow

George Brown, Class Clown For a complete list of books in this series click here.
george brown

Mr. Pants: It’s Go Time! (a graphic novel)
mr pants

Look out, Jeremy Bean!
look out jeremy bean

365 Penguins
365 penguins

♥♥ Emma and the Blue Genie Find more reviews here.
emma and the blue genie

♥♥ The Lost Stone For a list of books in The Kingdom of Wrenly series click here.
kingdom of wrenly

♥♥ Catwings For a complete list of books in this series click here. My son said he loved this book. The letters were really small but he was okay. Update: He has read the second one in the series and loved it as well.

Eerie Elementary More titles can be found here.
eerie elementary

♥♥ The Lost Stone For a list of books in the Kingdom of Wrenly series click here. He has read four books in this series and LOVES them.
kingdom of wrenly

♥♥ The Princess in Black Find more reviews here. A very easy read.
the princess in black

Eoin Colfer’s Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth Read more about this books here. People say it is hilarious. I have seen it on many websites recommended for this age group. For a list of other books in this series click here. My son first said it was just okay, then changed his mind two weeks later and did not want me to return the sequel to the library. So frankly, I am not sure how much he liked it.

♥♥ Dinos Are Forever For a list of books in The Adventures of Jo Schmo series click here.
dinos are forever

♥♥ Stanley and the Magic Lamp  For a list of books in the Flat Stanley series click here.
stanley and the magic lamp

The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich  For a list of books in the Melvin Beederman, Superhero series click here. He’s read a few books in this series but he did not enjoy all of them. In fact, he told me to return a few to the library without even starting to read them. He really liked the first one.
melvin beederman

Ready, Freddy! #4: Don’t Sit On My Lunch For a list of books in this series click here.
ready freddy

♥♥ Martha Speaks and Martha Speaks chapter books (to see a list click here).
martha speaks

The Best Story
the best story

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School
a funny thing happened

♥♥ The 13-Story Treehouse For a list of books in this series click here. Although the age range is higher, it is an easy book because it is idea for reluctant readers in 2nd and 3rd grade. My son liked it and asked for the second book.
the 13 story house

The Elevator Family See other titles, ratings, and reviews here.
the elevator family

♥♥ My Weird School (series) To see a list of the books in this series click here.  A lot of kids love these stories and both my daughter and my son do as well.
my weird school

♥♥ The Secrets of Droon For a complete list of books in order in this long series (I think about 40 books) click here. My daughter discovered them at the beginning of 2nd grade and devoured them. I got the first books for my son in the third trimester of 1st grade and he LOVED them and keeps asking for more. He’s read 25 so far and I am glad there are about 40 in this series because I don’t need to ask him to read when these are on our shelf.
secrets of droon

♥♥ The Spiderwick Chronicles He read one after another. He is almost finished with the sequel series Beyond Spiderwick Chronicles.
spiderwick chronicles

♥♥ The Notebook of Doom For a complete list of books in this series click here.
notebook of doom

♥♥Charlie and the Chocolate Factory My daughter had never seen the movie before she read the book. It was her first longer book to read, she couldn’t put it down.
charlie and the chocolate factory

♥♥The Indian in the Cupboard My son listened to the audiobook at the end of 1st grade and loved it.
the indian in the cupboard

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle He read about 3 books about Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and loved them all as did my daughter when she was in 1st and 2nd grade. For a list of books in this series click here.
ms piggle wiggle

Books we read together or listened to

I decided that I will post here a list of books that either I read to my son just before and in 1st grade or we listened to an audio version of the book in the car during our trips. It might make it easier for you to choose an appropriate book to read with your kid.

8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel ö 1 Dog = Chaos (funny and short)
8 class pets

The Monster’s Ring To see a list of the books in this series in order click here. We also read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. She liked both books.
monsters ring

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
chitty chitty bang bang

Half Magic  We have read three books of Tales of Magic and is planning to read the other books in this series (click here for a list of the books in order).
half magic


The Twits A very easy read. Good for a second grader too.

The Secret World of Og
the secret world of og

The Adventures of a South Pole Pig  (recommended as a read-aloud and that’s what we did)
the adventures of the south pole pig

The Giggler Treatment My daughter did not read it on her own–I read it to both my kids and they liked it. It is an easy and short read–we read it in one night. I am sure it is a fun book to read independently but I think this one is a great read-aloud. Funny.
the giggler treatment

The Great Brain She did not read this book independently but because I knew she would never pick this one herself I chose it to read to both my kids. It is not the modern type of literature so I don’t know how many kids would really enjoy reading it on their own but both my kids loved it when I read it to them. I think it would depend on what kind of books your child likes. This one would be better for a boy for independent reading I think. Definitely more enticing for boys because the book is about boys.
the great brain

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (we listened to the audiobook, funny)
the hoboken chicken emergency

Homer Price If your child is not used to listening to audiobooks, I’d probably start with a different title.
homer price

Tales from the Odyssey
tales from the odyssey

Cheaper by the Dozen We are currently listening to the audio version of this book. My kids (almost 7 and 8) loved listening to it because it is funny but the vocabulary is more difficult and we sometimes had to explain the words to them to help them understand. so again, skip this one if your child is not an avid listener.
cheaper by the dozen

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (slow beginning, I am not sure if she would have kept reading if we were not listening to the audiobook in the car–my son, 2 years younger, loved it)
in the year of the boar

The Cricket in Times Square
the cricket in timesquare

A Bear Called Paddington
a bear called paddington

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  (funny) For a list of books in The Herdmans series click here
the best christmas pageant ever

The Best School Year Ever (hilarious)
the best school year ever

The Best Halloween Ever
the best halloween ever

Lulu and the Brontosaurus
lulu and the brontosaurus

Lulu Walks the Dogs 
lulu walks

Lulu’s Mysterious Mission
lulu mission

The Minpins
the minpins

Dinosaur Habitat 
dinosaur habitat

Stuart Little
stuart little

The Story of Doctor Dolittle 
dr dolittle

Charlotte’s Web
charlottes web

The New Kid at School and Revenge of the Dragon Lady I am sure my son would listen to all of the other books in the Dragon Slayers’ Academy series but I let him listen to a few and am going to leave the rest for him to read independently.

the new kid at school

The World According to Humphrey and then we read all the other books in this series.
the world according to Humphrey

Moongobble and Me (series) For a list of the books in the right order click here.
moongobble and me

The Spiderwick Chronicles Here is a complete list in the right order.
spiderwick chronicles

Dragon Rider My son refused to play or do anything else until he finished listening to this book. He sat on the couch for hours.
dragon rider

A Mouse Called Wolf
a mouse called wolf

Billionaire Boy
billionaire boy

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins For a list of books in this series click here. Both my kids loved it so much that we have read three books in this series.
nanny piggins

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Although my son (recently turned 7) thought it was a bit slow at the beginning (my daughter and I didn’t agree with him on that), we all loved this book. We read it in three days and enjoyed every minute of it.
the wolves of will

Mr. Popper’s Penguins
mr poppers penguins

 The Water Horse
the water horse

 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
where the mountain meets the moon

Liesl & Po

The Familiars For a list of books in this series click here.
the familiars

The Thief Lord My kids listened to the audio version of this book right after we visited Venice.
the thief lord

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
frisby and the rats

Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell and other books in the series. Click here for a list.
the wishing spell

Spirit Animals For a list of books in this series click here. He called it the best audio book ever. He listened to the first three on his iPod and when we got back home, he started reading the rest without a problem.
spirit animals

The Castle in the Attic
the castle in the attic

Kenny & the Dragon

Toys Go Out
toys go out

Toys Come Home
toys come home




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  1. This list saved me hours, I just ordered the first batch of books from the library with my first grader. We went through this list and she picked. It was so easy having all recommendations in one website. Before tipsforworkingmoms , I could not get her to read anything but fairies stories, and thank to this list she is now reading other categories and she wants to read all the books in the list. What a motivation!! Thank you again. She liked the Junie B Jones books.

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