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No, I am not trying to create a new arts & crafts website. 🙂 I have seen tons of them on the Internet. But to get an idea what I can do with my kids on a rainy weekend, I must browse them and look for something we will all enjoy. Let me know if you are interested and I might share the ideas I saved with you.

Kandinsky Fall Tree Tutorial I really liked this idea and thought it was an easy and not messy art project, which turned out to be true.
tree4 tree

Inspired by Paul Klee’s City Picture: Oil Pastel on Acetate This one took a bit more time but it was not too bad. I didn’t feel like going to a store to get the acetate but I always save the transparent sheets that gel window clings come in so I used those.
city2 city

Leaf Art 

We’ve been collecting and pressing leaves for different fall projects, some of which took longer but kids thoroughly enjoyed. I will share with you projects that don’t take long.
One my kids enjoyed the most was Leaf Peepers  You need leaves and metallic markers (it is also good to have eyes for crafts but my kids made plenty without them and they turned out beautiful too).
leaf peepers2

We also did Autumn Leaf Art at the same time we created the Leaf Peepers. The Mod Podge is optional; the leaves were beautiful without it, but we have it at home so we used it.
leaf peepers 4 leaf peepers3

Glitter Leaves
glitter leaves

We got inspired by the book Leaf Man and while we were doing the other leaf projects, my kids used the leftover leaves for some nice leaf creations.
zviratka z listu2 zviratka z listu

My kids really loved Fall Leaf Water Color Resist Art but this one is a bit more time consuming and you need liquid water colors and glue gun.

Owl Paper Plate Craft I did this one with my son last year. it was a quick and easy project and he was very excited about his owl.

Acetate and Tissue Paper Tree
tissue paper tree

3D City Buildings
3D City buildings 3D city buildings 2

Sharing is good karma:

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