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I have never felt a need to buy extra materials to practice vocabulary with my kids. We read a lot of books every day. However, I am a language teacher, thus in love with all word games, so I ordered the series Word Ladders because it had marvelous reviews and I thought it would be fun for my kids to do it together with me. I was right and I am glad I got it. A lot of the words are easy to figure out but we find words thrown in that my kids don’t know so it is a nice way to expand their vocabulary and a fun exercise for the brain.

daily word ladders 2-3Daily Word Ladders 2-3
I got this one last year but it is too easy for my daughter now (she is in 3rd grade). My first grader will use this level now and she moved on to the one below.
Daily Word Ladders 4-6
daily word ladders 4-6
banish boring wordsBanish Boring Words
I think the lists are very useful. My daughter definitely needs to work on her writing skills and learn how to replace common words with better ones. Kids seem to like it, parents are happy with it so I added it to our collection.
240 vocabulary words240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know: Grade 4
When I was learning English, whenever I studied new words, I suddenly became aware of them and started hearing and seeing them within days. I felt that my daughter was skipping words she didn’t know while reading. I know she will eventually get the meaning but she could be acquiring more vocabulary now because she reads so much if we went over some words together. Then she’d recognize them in the text and eventually use them.
I don’t give her the book to do on her own. We just sit down together when we have time and feel like it, go over the words, and then she fills in the blanks (no writing; she just tells me). We only do two lessons a month. She knows some of the words so it is not too much work. She likes it and since we began to do the lessons, she has seen several of the new words somewhere and was happy she knew them.


Sharing is good karma:

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