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Hmmm…. where should I start? I have never written anything for public consumption in Czech, my native tongue, let alone in English. However, a number of my friends and family members have recently suggested that I should post online the lists, recommendations, and ideas I’ve been compiling — to help many of the working  (broadly defined) moms out there. I am definitely not a writer, not even close. I am a very practical, down-to-earth type of person and this website has been created for practical reasons—to help you to get better stuff for your kids without having to spend time looking for it.

For those of you who don’t know me—I quit my job as a high school teacher in Prague about 13 years ago to learn English and try the life in the United States with my husband, planning to stay for a year or two. Yet here I am, still in New Jersey, a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful kids (a son, 6 and a daughter, 8), trying to make a difference in their world.

IMG_6504Like every mom, as soon as they were born, I was obsessed with getting the best for my kids in order to raise smart, creative, sensitive, well-balanced individuals. Whenever we need something for the household, want to buy a game or a toy, plan a vacation, or just need to borrow good reads for kids from the library, I sit down and am glued to a computer screen for several hours, researching the subject.

As my circle of friends grew I’d make lists for them so that they wouldn’t have to waste their time on what I already knew. I don’t go to work, yet I hardly ever find myself leisurely sitting down with a book. I know what a struggle it is for moms who do work — juggling work, shopping, a household, trying to spend time with their family — at 11:00 pm, exhausted from your entire day, wondering if you have enough energy left to go online looking for the best books for your six-year-old or read reviews on which board games are the best…

I decided to share what I know with all of my friends and moms out there to make their lives a little easier. I hope you’ll find this website useful. It really makes my day when someone tells me: “Other people have a vacation planner, I have you “ or “My daughter enjoys reading much more since you emailed me your list of great books for eight-year-olds.”


P.S. Feel free to add a comment to any post, add an idea, or share your knowledge with other parents so more people can benefit from your discovery. Thank you.

P.P.S. Please don’t hesitate to post suggestions for what you would like to see here, whether it’s tips for the best card games or a perfect water bottle.

Sharing is good karma: