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After we bought several kites from different stores (Target and similar) that never flew, and flying a kite was a frustrating experience instead of fun, I swore to my kids I’d find some that would be easy to fly almost anywhere. I don’t know if this is the best website or if you can find them cheaper anywhere but we bought a set of three kites for beginners that have been with us since then. They are of a very good quality, easy to fly, even with little wind, they came with sturdy pockets, our kids are happy and we don’t have to spend another dollar on a kite. You can find more kites on Into the Wind website.
OgoSport Mini OgoDisk
mini ogodisk
This set has been a hit with a lot of kids AND adults. My brother would borrow it every day from me during our vacation last year to play with his wife. We have both sets—this mini set and then the larger disks (see below). Both have their pros and cons. For younger kids, it’s easier to hit a larger surface but the bigger disks are also more difficult to handle. I’ve found that everybody has their own preference so my advice would be to get both—it is more fun to play as a whole family anyway. You can use these disks as Frisbees too. My son and our friends also like to play solo—they just bounce the ball up as many times as they can.
OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set  
mezo ogodiscSee the description above to understand the difference between the two sets.
Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game
boochieIf we didn’t have a Bocce set, I would have bought this game a long time ago. If you’d like to have a good outdoor game for your family, you should give this one a try.

Here is a list of games that have excellent reviews and are on my list for future reference.

Speedminton Fun Set
Wham-O Trac Ball Racket Game
wham o track ball
Diggin Squap 
An indoor and outdoor game.
diggin active squap
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